the Electric Hedgehog's home page

date: March 28th 2005
Welcome to the Electric Hedgehog's page.

who's this Hedgehog then?

I'm a early-fifties male interested in the sciences (particularly how the whole edifice hangs together), SF ("speculative fiction", ie, fantasy and science-fiction in one partially differentiated lump), writing (how it works and doing it), board and card games, programming languages, and and mostly-progressive-mostly-rock-but-some-jazz-or-folk music.

My favourite authors include Patricia McKillip, Roger Zelazny, James Blish, James Schmitz, Stephen Brust, Peter Beagle, Roberta MacAvoy, Lois McMaster Bujold, C J Cherryh, Dianna Wynne-Jones, and Terry Pratchett. TV SF is mostly Babylon 5, Farscape, Buffy, and Angel.

The board games I play are mostly from, or influenced by, the "German" school of games design, including Tigris and Euphrates, Samurai, El Caballero, Taj Mahal, Web of Power, Atilla, Carcassone, Age of Steam, Stephensons Rocket. I have a fondness for Titan, Kingmaker, Civilisation, and 1829.

I used to play duplicate bridge regularly (playing an Acol variant with weak twos, a wide-range no-trump, responsive doubles, and an experimental Illyan overcall of one-no-trump). I got into playing Magic when the Dark came out and, while the collectors mania has passed or at least been supressed, still play and pick up the odd expansion pack. When the Babylon 5 card game came out, we played that extensively for a couple of years.

My musical tastes are rooted in 70s progressive rock with some excursions: Renaissance, Caravan, ELP, Sandy Denny, Renaissance, Judie Tzuke, Barbara Thompson, Colosseum, Renaissance, Trees, the B5 soundtracks, earlier Yes, Camel, Renaissance, Karnataka, Par Lindh Project, October Project, Soft Machine, National Health, Hatfield and the North, and Renaissance.

Programming languages are a technical hobby and I play with language design, mostly languages influenced by Pop11. My language Cayenne is a Pop11 derivate that compiles to C for its implementation, but has been largely superseeded by Spice co-designed with my friend and erstwhile colleague Steve Leach.

whate else have we got?

At this time, just a few reviews and meetings. See what you make of: And as a technical aside (putting some thoughs together), on programming languages.